I’ve been consistently going to counseling for about a year now & I’m constantly learning new things about the way I am & using that as an opportunity to grow. Today, I had counseling & I think I can honestly say that it was one of the best sessions I have ever had.

I was forced to think of myself as a little girl & ended up being more connected to the person I once was than I was before I walked into the room. I thought of everything I wish I could tell my old self: that she was beautiful & worth loving & she is full of worth that comes from God and God alone. There are so many times when I question my worth or if I’m good enough or doing enough or even pretty enough as vain as that sounds.

I left my appointment feeling so hopeful & I know that one day when/if I have a daughter I’ll be able to share it with her. I will tell her how beautiful she is in my eyes & in her father‘s eyes & more importantly in her Heavenly Father‘s eyes. I’ll be able to hold her hand when a boy picks on her no matter what age she is & tell her that she’s beautiful & joke with her that even the people who pick on her probably love her. I will tell her that she’s worth fighting for & she’s worth being loved & she’s worth being cared for by not only me, but so many others. I will keep proclaiming those truths until she believes that they are undoubtedly true.

If you struggle with any of these things, try imagining yourself at 15 & think about the things you would’ve wanted that sweet 15 year old to hear.